Association Overview

A Message from the President

As used to be, no optimism is warranted on the environments surrounding the welfare vehicles. In particular, industry-wide support programs are deficient. In addition, even a rallying cry for the introduction of “Industry -wide Standards/Uniform Criteria” for assistive/care equipment has not been heard under the existing circum stances.

In response to the demand of the time, JAPAN WHEELCHIR-ACCESSIBLE ASSOCIATION has endeavored to make arrangements for its establishment. It aims to become an organization to function as an advocate for the furtherance of public welfare, bringing together the wisdom from all people involved as constituent members of the area, including the users, manufacturers, and distributors of the welfare vehicles.

For human resources development programs, the Association intends to create a promulgator of welfare vehicles based on the interface boundary of “Welfare/Care” and “Automobile Industries” as the initial step in this effort.

In the subsequent fostering programs, the Association will involve not only with the contribution act but also with the R&D assistance from a multilateral perspective including the projects carried on cooperatively with university labs.

Furthermore, measures to response to the legal restrictions such as PL (Product Liability) laws are to be developed and implemented adequately. Toward the industry-traversing project concept so far nobody has given a serious consideration, an epoch-making fortitude of activity by JAPAN WELFARE VEHICLE ASSOCIATION is being eagerly sought after. Action plans including the recruitment of new members have been enforced since April, 2008.

Mitsuki Ueda
Chairperson, General Incorporated Association


Our Mission

To contribute and better social support through improving services associated with mobility vehicles.

Our Purpose

To contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of the mobility vehicle industry through encouraging strong relationships and communication amongst the mobility vehicle and associated industries and maintaining quality services.

Association Structure

Date FoundedNovember 1, 2006


Counselor太田 吉彦 oota yoshihiko

Name 一般社団法人 日本福祉車輌協会
(English Translation)
Japan Wheelchair-accessible Vehicle Association ( JWVA )
President 上田 満樹 Mitsuki Ueda
Vice President 田中 英樹 Hideki Tanaka
Vice President 藤原 卓也 Takuya Fujiwara
Corporate Auditor 荒川 勝昌 Katsumasa Arakawa
Standing President 平岡 幸雄 Yukio Hiraoka
President 新屋敷 剛 Takeshi Shinyashiki
President 小野田 直 Sunao Onoda
Corporate Adviser 新宮 且識 Katsunori Singu
Counselor 内藤 博 Hiroshi Naito
Corporation lawyer 中田 憲悟 Kengo Nakata
Director 難波 敦 Atsushi Nanba
Date of Incorporation April 1, 2009
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一般社団法人 日本福祉車輌協会
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