Solicitation for Admission


Dear Prospective Members:

It’s a real pleasure to hear that things are going well for all of you these days.

Being specifically geared to all of you entrepreneurs of welfare vehicles, we have this time established as JAPAN WHEELCHAIR-ACCESSIBLE VEHICLES ASSOCIATION, a General Incorporated Association,oriented toward the solution of the problems common to the industries.

With a view to expanding the possibilities of the welfare vehicle business, we will keep deploying various activities such as the setting of industry-wide unified standards, formulation of the qualification system intended to improve the competence of engineers and salespersons, assistance and fostering of operators and users, and so on.

We’d therefore seek for broad support to the rationale for establishing this Association, appealing to as many enterprises as possible to consider to become a member.

Best wishes,

Katsunori Shingu
Chairperson, General Incorporated Association

Admission Standard

Enterprises sympathizing with the philosophy and purpose of the Association shall be recognized membership upon getting through the screening process conducted by the board of directors.

Application Procedures

Please fill out the designated application form and submit with the material specified by the Association.

Method for Screening

Membership shall be recognized in accordance with the Association’s bylaws upon passing the screening process conducted by the board of directors.

Classification of Members

Regular Member  Incorporated enterprises engaged mainly in the sales, service, remodeling of welfare vehicles, etc.
 Associate Member  Incorporated enterprises recommended by the Association (or the member) not fit into the category of regular members.
Supporting Member  Incorporated enterprises, individuals and organizations sympathizing and willing to be cooperative with the intent of the Association.
 Honorary Member  Persons rendered distinguished service for the Association, persons of learning and experience, etc.

一般社団法人 日本福祉車輌協会
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